Sunday op-ed: Proposed budget faces Annapolis’ fiscal challenges head-on

(From yesterday’s Sunday Capital.  You can read it on the website here.) Proposed budget faces Annapolis’ fiscal challenges head-on In 1892 a young salesman named William Wrigley, Jr. was selling baking powder to businesses in Chicago.  As an incentive, he started offering two free packages of chewing gum with each can of baking powder. As [...]

Budget Season Hits the Homestretch

It’s May, and that means we are in the homestretch of the budget season. Now that members of the Finance Committee have reviewed the proposed fiscal year 2012 spending plans for each of the City’s departments and offices and the full City Council has heard from the public, council members are in full deliberation mode [...]

Mayor on Barnstorming Mission to Meet with Constituents

It has been a long time – much too long, in fact – since we’ve checked in. Oh, there has been plenty to talk about. New directors. Managing finances. Market House. Removing trees in the Historic District. City Dock Advisory Committee. More new directors. Overhauling the Annapolis Transit routes. Market House. Big rainstorm (try 10 [...]

Big Thursday: Debate on raising debt ceiling, modifying bus service

Two important events will be held Thursday at City Hall: 1)    The City Council will hold a special meeting, beginning at 4:30 p.m., to hear public testimony on a charter amendment to double the City’s debt limit to $20 million. A vote is expected to be held. 2)    The City Department of Transportation will hold [...]