Mayor’s Video Updates

The mayor’s video updates on City business are listed here in chronological order.

  • June 2013 (In this month’s video update, Mayor Josh Cohen updates residents on the budget, City Dock revitalization and planning, and the dedication of George and Marion Phelps Lane in Annapolis.)
  • May 2013 (In this month’s update, Mayor Cohen talks almost exclusively about City Dock and the Master Plan. He does take a moment however to introduce residents to its newest Alderman for Ward One, Joe Budge.)
  • April 2013 (The mayor discusses a number of topics in this month’s video update, including a Regional Annapolis Transit, an update on the Forest Conservation Act, and the Sustainable City Report Card.)
  • March 2013 (Mayor Cohen discusses the State of the City and his proposed FY 2014 budget, the Hillman Garage and a campaign promoting “walkability” in Annapolis.)
  • January 2013 ( Mayor Cohen discusses the new Central Permitting office and its benefits on area business, and reminders about City Code when it comes to shoveling your walkway. Also, the mayor talks about two important health related topics in Annapolis.)
  • June 2012 (Mayor Cohen discusses how the City of Annapolis is taking steps to revise and improve its ordinances, polices and procedures that relate to Maryland’s Forest Conservation Act.    The Mayor also recaps the FY13 budget, talks about the Spring Flower program and gets us ready for the City’s big fourth of July Celebration.)
  • May 9, 1012 (In this month’s video update, Mayor Josh Cohen updates residents on the budget process and its timeline. He also focuses on the Compromise Street project, discussing his reasons for voting against the proposal.  And, Mayor Cohen takes a big-picture approach when having a conversation about City Dock, its new consultant team and interactive public forums set for June and September.)
  • March 14, 2012 (Mayor Josh Cohen recaps his State of the City address and his proposed FY2013 budget including his three priorities including a structurally balanced budget, a restored fund balance and fully funded long term liabilities.)
  • February 21, 2012 (As part of his Clean and Green City initiative, Mayor Josh Cohen announced certification of another Annapolis restaurant in recognition of its sustainable practices during an Annapolis Restaurant Week press conference.)
  • February 16, 2012 (Bill signing of O-31-11 Amended- Ordinance 31-11 will streamline the public hearing process for individuals needing special exceptions or planned development approval. It will reduce redundancy by cutting down the number of meetings required while preserving public input during the review process.
  • February 15, 2012 (The mayor explains construction of the geothermal wells and discusses a major decision facing the City Council regarding the layout of the Market House.)
  • January 23, 2012 (Mayor Cohen address concerns about revitalization on Compromise Street and sets the record straight about the playground  remaining or being rebuilt.  He also talks about streamlining the permit process and updates residents on the Circulator trolley.)
  • November 22, 2011 (Mayor Josh Cohen discusses an upcoming public hearing on the responsibility for sidewalk maintenance. Also, the long-term forecast for the Market House, Midnight Madness and other holiday happenings in Annapolis.)
  • October 26, 2011 (Mayor Cohen updates us on the new parking rates at the City’s four garages, the newest addition to the Harbormasters fleet and the dedication of  a local nature park)
  • August 9, 2011 (Mayor Josh Cohen introduces us to the Market House vendors along with announcing the reopening of the Annapolis Waterworks park in September.)
  • July 5, 2011 (The mayor outlines the new water and sewer rate structure and explains the need for the rate hike. He also updates us on the relaunch of the City Main Street project and the launch of our new Annapolis Circulator trolley system.)