Mayor on Barnstorming Mission to Meet with Constituents

It has been a long time – much too long, in fact – since we’ve checked in. Oh, there has been plenty to talk about.

New directors. Managing finances. Market House.

Removing trees in the Historic District. City Dock Advisory Committee. More new directors. Overhauling the Annapolis Transit routes. Market House.

Big rainstorm (try 10 inches). Flooding. Preparation for snowstorms. Snowstorms (little ones, thank goodness). Planting trees in the Historic District. Market House.

While we have resolved many issues, there is still much to discuss. That’s why Mayor Cohen has kicked off a series of morning public forums over the next couple of month at coffee shops, eateries and other spots in each of the city’s wards.
With the budget season around the corner, do you have questions about the city’s spending? Want to find out more about City Dock redevelopment? Are you happy with the level of service you get from the city government?
The Mayor is on a barnstorming mission to answer your questions about what matters to you.

Here’s the schedule for the next three events:

  • Jan. 25: Annapolis Book Store, 68 Maryland Ave. (Ward 1)
  • Feb. 9: Annapolis Walk Community Center, 1701 Belle Drive (Ward 4)
  • Feb. 16: Bagels and …, 2019 West St. (Ward 3)

The sessions are scheduled to start at 8:30 a.m. and are expected to last 90 minutes. These events are subject to change if schools and other government operations are closed or delayed because of snow.

The mayor kicked off this series last month at b.b. bistro in West Annapolis (Ward 2).
For more information about these events, contact Hilary Raftovich at 410-263-7030 or at
We’ll try to check in again real soon.

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3 Responses to “Mayor on Barnstorming Mission to Meet with Constituents”

  • rmb185 says:

    Tonight I counted four cars parked on Dean Street that don’t have residential parking stickers. They shouldn’t be here. Since your officers don’t ticket people after 5 p.m., there are no consequences for violating the law.

    Would you please make Dean Street resident-only parking between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m.? Meanwhile, would you please implement regular parking enforcement in the evening hours?

  • ronanson says:

    The sidewalk on Conduit just before Union where the tree was taken down was repaired, but it is only about 8″ wide. It looks half finished. Surely a few more bricks can be found to do the job right.

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