Budget Update

As the City Council moves toward finalizing a budget for fiscal year 2011, my goal remains to balance the budget in a responsible way without raising the property tax rate.  In working to achieve this goal, I have had to propose unprecedented cuts including laying off 33 employees and cutting services.  These cuts have made [...]

Catch Sneak Peek of Redesigned Annapolis.gov

Later this month, we’ll be formally rolling out an exciting redesign of the City’s website. In the meantime, though, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of our handy work: http://web1.annapolis.gov We hope the new model is reflective of Annapolis as well as highly functional, offering viewers with all the information they have come [...]

Check out Market House proposals … then comment here

The Market House proposals are in, and now they are online for Annapolis to see. Last month, the mayor invited businesses to submit short- and long-term proposals to set up shop at the Market House, and he was pleased to receive 15 bids to transform part or all of the crown jewel at City Dock. [...]

Annapolis school construction funding update

This past Monday, County Executive Leopold submitted his proposed Fiscal Year 2011 budget to the County Council.  His proposed budget will have a significant impact on school construction within the Annapolis feeder system. The good news is that under the County Executive’s proposed budget, Germantown Elementary School will proceed as planned (this assumes, of course, [...]