Why Exactly is the City in a Budget Deficit? The Mayor Explains

In his latest video message, the mayor lays out exactly why the city is facing such an extraordinary shortfall that exceeds $9 million. This was the basis of his public budget forum presentations this week. The mayor addressed the need to cut spending, focusing on layoffs and reduced city services. He will propose his budget to City Council on Monday night.

For more details about what the mayor discussed at the budget forums, go to www.annapolis.gov and click on 2010-2011 Budget Report under REPORTS.

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2 Responses to “Why Exactly is the City in a Budget Deficit? The Mayor Explains”

  • Rick Weaver says:

    The deficit will only grow larger as you alienate your tax base with poor decisions. My company, Morgan Stanley, has been a long time tenant of the city marina complex. We pay rent, taxes, eat at local food establishments, as well as pay above market parking fees. We stay because Annapolis is a wonderful place to work, but you are trying our patience. The marina complex has been in a constant state of renovation for a long as we can remember. The parking lot has been redone twice in the past 2 years and just recently the “boardwalk” was torn up less than 2 years from being completed.

    On a personal note, I have been really ticked off by 2 things:

    1. The closing of Waterworks park with no public input.
    2. A stop sign “trap” at the corner across from the closed movie theater. This has been a confusing stop for 20 years and everyone knows it. To use this confusion as a revenue generator is just plain wrong.

    You are driving away your tax base and that is not good my friend.

  • Bill says:

    We have not raised taxes since Dean Johnson was mayor. That’s over ten years ago. Meanwhile, inflation has increased by at least 20%. The cost of doing business has grown significantly, while the city’s revenue stream has remained the same, and during the current economic downturn has actually been reduced. EVERY municipality in Maryland has raised taxes in this time period, many more than once. There is undoubtedly room for reducing staff, services, and projects, but to balance the books on the backs of city employees is simply wrong and unfair.

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