Market House downloadable floor plan

As announced previously, my administration is accepting “open auditions of ideas” for the Market House through April 9th. Click here for the most recent PDF of the floor plans:

New comments policy

Dear Readers: This blog now requires that anyone posting a comment be logged in as a registered user. The registration process requires the person to validate their email address. The purpose of this change is to eliminate spam comments by ensuring that commenters are real people. I regret having to make this change, but in [...]

Announcing “open audition of ideas” for short-term occupancy of Market House

We need to get the Market House bustling again as an authentic centerpiece for downtown’s waterfront. Yesterday the City released the following news release: Mayor Invites Proposals for Short-term Occupancy of Market House Cohen announces ‘open audition of ideas’; goal of full occupancy by Memorial Day Annapolis, Maryland (March 12, 2010) – Mayor Joshua J. [...]

Why Exactly is the City in a Budget Deficit? The Mayor Explains

In his latest video message, the mayor lays out exactly why the city is facing such an extraordinary shortfall that exceeds $9 million. This was the basis of his public budget forum presentations this week. The mayor addressed the need to cut spending, focusing on layoffs and reduced city services. He will propose his budget [...]