A message to City employees

December 23, 2009 As employees of the City of Annapolis, we are all blessed to be public servants. Our decisions and actions impact the lives of thousands of our fellow citizens. Our work is both a great privilege and a responsibility. I appreciate the wide-ranging contributions of our employees, whether busing passengers, keeping our streets [...]

A contributing voice to this blog

Hello, everyone. No, I am not Mayor Josh Cohen. I am Phill McGowan, the public information officer for the City of Annapolis. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Josh to bring greater transparency to the city government. One way we hope to achieve that goal is through this blog, to which the [...]

Announcing Core Administration Team

Today in City Council chambers I announced the first appointments of my administration. The six individuals who will comprise the Core Administration Team share my goal of making Annapolis the best run city in Maryland. This group of individuals is made up of professionals who are passionate about Annapolis, possess a solid work ethic and [...]