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Published yesterday in The Capital:

Editor’s notebook

Published 11/13/09
FRESH START – If the transition teams formed by mayor-elect Josh Cohen are any indication, there is a fresh approach to politics in the making.
Cohen announced an enormous 88-member team earlier this week and among the names are people who didn’t even support the new mayor and who disagree with some of his positions. The eight committees – ranging from economic development to transportation – include Republicans, business people, minorities, and even Cohen’s opponents, Chris Fox and Dave Cordle.
Also among the appointees are the talented people who ran for a seat on the council, but lost: Jennifer Monteith, Rock Toews and Greg Stiverson. Hopefully their involvement will encourage them to stay involved in civic affairs.
Cohen’s objective was obviously to find the right mix of people who will bring divergent views to the table and offer him good advice. This indicates he is keeping an open mind about issues and making no assumptions how the city can be better managed.
We like the inclusive start.

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